Home for senior citizen in Bhubaneswar

Aging is like a flowing river that flows naturally and we wonder how we grow white hairs and become unnecessary for the society. It is a natural process for an individual to be young, old and leave the body at the end of its life but it is a moral and social duty of each and every one to let the senior citizens live freely and happily. Ananta Krupa Sevashrama is one of the reliable senior care centers in Bhubaneswar. Our aim is to provide an independent, worry-free and peaceful life to the senior citizens as a quality home for senior citizen in Bhubaneswar.
We blend technology and human intelligence together to provide world-class facilities to senior citizens in Bhubaneswar. We are proud to say that we are equipped with a hospital that can serve up to 18 patients instantly. Our in-house doctors are well experienced in dealing with the day today illness of elderly individuals. We also provide canteen facilities where healthy and hygienic food is prepared under the supervision of our hand-picked chefs. It is said, when an individual becomes older, it actually becomes a child. We acknowledge this fact, hence focus both on the physical and spiritual development of our guests. We let our guests explore the beauty of nature in our beautiful garden which is spread across a vast area. To help senior citizens stay blessed and motivated, we also have a temple within the boundary of our organization. When all these facilities come under the budget of our guests, we have no demur to call ourselves the best senior citizens home in Bhubaneswar.

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